Falcon Lodge High Flyers Drama Group

On 11th June SEES started the Falcon Lodge High Flyers Drama Group. It happens every Saturday for 10 weeks and for young people aged between 8 and 11. The group is aimed at building confidence and imagination, support budding young actors, develop confidence when speaking aloud and working as a team. the group are having so much fun! Have a look at some pictures of the first week below!

June Half Term Activities

June half term was a hair raising experience!! Professor Jay came down to show us some mad hatter experiments. We had fun launching rockets, making our hair stand on end, becoming assisstants and watching giant smoke rings. We had so much fun, especially seeing the adults becoming mummies and learnt lots too
What fun we had during Forest School activities. We had the opportunity to climb trees, build dens, pretend to make camp fires, and even become Warrior Boys and Warrior Princesses! We worked hard to build out den's and explore the forest, we even got to have our lunch in the den - after decorating of course! Below are some pictures from the day, check out our amazing face paint designs too.

Easter Activities

The Easter activities were rubbish....literally!! We spent part of the week junk modelling, seeing what we could make out of old cardboard boxes, tubes, yoghurt cartons, anything we could find! Some fantastic models were made including a robot. We then spent time clay modelling which was great fun, take a look at the pictures below, keep an eye out for the dinosaur plate and a crazy colourful fish!
Jewellery, card and craft making was the next activity. Take a look at all of the beautiful things that were made, SEES has a very creative group of young people! The jewellery looks great girls, well done.
In the final week of the holidays we had a 2 day textile workshop. Here we learnt all about weaving with paper and materials and even got to use a loom! We all worked together to produce a fabulous community textile: "Our World, Our Community" as well as many other pieces. Take a look!

Look at the amazing result - well done everyone!

During the holidays SEES also funded a Health Day at Falcon Lodge Youth Centre aimed at promoting the importance of keeping healthy for young people. There were opportunities to try healthy fruit smoothies, talk about any concerns, check your blood pressure and even try on glasses that show what it is like to be drunk. There were lots of chances to learn about your health and take part in activities. Below are a few photos from the day.

February half term activities

To start the week we took part in Community Games with Aspire. During this week we learnt about games that used to be played and games that we play today - we even made our own footballs! Take a look at our photos.

Xpressive Arts was brilliant. In these 3 days we did arts and crafts, drama and dance and even African drumming!
Take a look at our photos.

On the last day of half term Cafe Ceramica came to New Hall Primary and Children's Centre. We all had SO much fun painting our tiles and mugs. Have a look at our amazing art work.